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About Us

We’re Not Just Another Junk Removal Company

Growing up in Novato and having been a lifetime Bay Area resident, I have always had a desire to impact my community in a positive way. I’ve worked with other junk removal companies in the past, and I am grateful for the experience I obtained. While working for other businesses we all think about ways we could improve if it was ours.

The Other Junk Co. was started with the intention of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly business. As we’ve progressed, I saw that this business had an opportunity to help people. By repurposing and donating items, furniture, and clothing we take, we can directly help by giving to people in need. We not only get to help our community but also reduce our carbon footprint.

Andrew Salter


Locally Bay Area Operated

About Us


To function as an eco-friendly and sustainable junk removal business that benefits our community through repurposing and recycling.

About Us


Our vision is to raise the standard for the junk removal industry by repurposing, recycling, and donating while providing an extraordinary and compassionate experience for our community.

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About Us

How We Help Our Community

Lemon Aide Project

Lemon Aide Project was founded on a mission to continue sustainability throughout California. They are a certified 501c3, created to help wildfire victims become financially independent by introducing them with the necessary resources to thrive.

Lemon Aide Project provides services and funding to those in dire need directly related to natural disasters. Currently, their main priority is wildfire relief efforts across California.

The Other Junk Co.

The Other Junk Co. has partnered with Lemon Aide Project to repurpose used items that could otherwise end up in a landfill or recycling center to fire victims across California. A portion of our proceeds is also donated to them.

Click “Learn More” below to learn more about the Lemon Aide Project and how you can help.


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